Cozy Holiday Flicks


There’s so much to do in New York during this season, it can be overwhelming!  So what about those days when “the weather outside is frightful” or you just want to avoid the crowds and all you want to do curl up at Webster?   No need to venture out our front doors to experience New York, holiday style.   You can just bring your own favorite snack (for me it’s M&M’s and popcorn), a cozy blanket, and enjoy the countless New York City Holiday Scenes in the movies.


First and foremost is Miracle on 34th Street.  It’s a classic and it was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.  The original was filmed in 1947 in black and white (there’s a 1994 color remake).  The story is all about Kris Kringle at Macy’s, and Macy’s is where Charles and Josiah Webster, our benefactors, made their fortunes and why we’re all here today.  How lucky for us.  Happily, it will surely be shown on TV a dozen times, at least.

For pure fun, there’s nothing better in my book than Elf.  If you don’t start out as a Will Ferrell fan, you might well end up as one.  I dare you to not shed a tear or two at the ending!

Home Alone or Trading Places can brighten up even the rainiest afternoon.    It’s a Wonderful Life or The Family Man are more thoughtful holiday classics.

Finally, for all of us romantics, When Harry Met Sally and Serendipity never disappoint.  Oh to be in this astounding City and fall in love during the holiday season!

All of these holiday themed movies and more are available to rent at our front desk so stop by to borrow one to get you in the holiday spirit!

We hope that your New York Holiday Season is filled with love and good cheer!  It’s our pleasure to share these memorable days with you.

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