• Unpaid Interns are charged a standard rate of $790 bi-weekly (once every two weeks).
    • Interns making an annualized compensation of over $60,000 a year will fall on the Worker Pay Scale. These guests will be assigned a rent rate according to their salary amount.


  • Begining October 8th, 2018 the Standard Intern Rate for unpaid Interns is $810 bi-weekly.


  • The minimum stay during the Housing is 4 weeks.
    • Approved applicants will be required to pay their Initial Balance (4 week minimum stay) at least two weeks prior to their check-in.  No refunds of the initial payment made will be granted.
    • After the 4 week minimum stay is completed, guests will roll into Webster’s bi-weekly billing process.  


  • Rates subject to change annually on October 1st.