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Thank you for your interest in Webster’s Intern Housing Program! The program is open to interns seeking housing for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Summer Interns: Interns applying for check-in dates from April 29 through October 6, 2019Click Here.

Regular Interns: See below for program details and to submit your application. Please contact us if you have any questions!


To apply for Webster’s Intern Housing, interns MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Female
  • 18 Years or Older
  • Received an offer for an internship, traineeship, fellowship, clerkship, etc.*
    • Position must be: Full-time (28+ hours/week)
    • Position may be PAID or UNPAID

*Applicants must have an internship offer letter from their internship employer or Training/Internship Placement plan (DS-7002) PRIOR to applying as it is required to upload this document during the online application process.


General Intern Housing Program applications are currently being accepted for check-in dates on or before April 28, 2019 AND on or after October 7, 2019.

Interns applying for check-in dates from April 29 through October 6, 2019Click Here.

During the application process, you will be able to choose any day of the week as your preferred date of arrival. While we will strive to accommodate your preferred date, actual dates of availability will be verified by our Admissions team during the review of your application. If your preferred date is unavailable for any reason, a member of our team will contact you to discuss other available dates of arrival prior to confirming your stay.

Note: Check-in/out dates must be within two weeks of the start and end date of the internship offer and will be verified against the internship employment letter during the application review process.


  • Interns are charged a standard rate of $810 bi-weekly (once every two weeks).
    • Interns making an annualized compensation of over $60,000 a year will fall on the Worker Pay Scale. These guests will be assigned a rent rate according to their salary amount.
  • The minimum stay is 4 weeks.
    • Approved applicants will be required to pay their Initial Balance (4-week minimum stay) at least two weeks prior to their check-in.  No refunds of the initial payment made will be granted.
    • After the 4-week minimum stay is completed, guests will roll into Webster’s bi-weekly billing process.


      • Complete Webster’s online Housing Application and upload the required supplemental documents listed below:
        • IDENTIFICATION: Provide photocopy of government issued I.D. (i.e.: Passport) for verification of your gender and date of birth.
        • PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT: Webster accepts a variety of documents to verify your eligibility and physical office/work location. Click on the link below for more information on accepted proof of employment documents.
        • SUBMIT
          • Applications will be reviewed to verify eligibility and you will receive a response with next steps and/or request for additional information within 2 business days.
    • Applicants who meet eligibility requirements will receive a link to process the application fee.
    • The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid online via our secure online payment portal.

** Application Fee Only Applies to Approved Applicants

    • Approved applicants will receive a confirmation letter within 4 business days of submitting the application fee.
    • The letter will include a breakdown of the initial balance due prior to check-in and Webster’s important policies for review prior to check-in.