Eligibility & Applications – Intern Queen Landing Page

Webster provides all-inclusive dorm-style living accommodations for eligible working women in NYC without a long-term lease agreement! Our month-to-month housing offers guests the flexibility of staying for a minimum of 4 weeks and up to 5 years with only 8 weeks’ notice required prior to departure.


Prospective and current guests must meet the below eligibility requirements to apply and maintain eligible for housing:

  • Female
  • 18 years or older
  • Employed as a worker or intern in NYC meeting all the below requirements for their respective status:
    • Workers:
      • Working a minimum of 35 hours per week
      • Earning an annual gross income between $30,000 – $85,000 (USD)
      • No record of bankruptcy, eviction, and/or collections on the mandatory tenant screening report run during the application process*
    •  Interns (Trainees, Fellows, Clerks, etc.):
      • Working a minimum of 28 hours per week
      • Position may be paid or unpaid
      • Note: undergraduate, graduate, and/or vocational students are not eligible to apply unless they also meet the working requirement of 28 hours per week.


Webster’s all-inclusive bi-weekly room & board rates are determined by the guest’s status (worker/intern).

For more information about our rates, click here.


Interested in applying for housing? Follow the below easy steps:

  1. Request an Application
  2. Compile your Application Packet
    • Includes:
      1. Completed Application
      2. Employment Verification Letter
      3. Copy of a Government Issued ID (ie: Passport)
  1. Process Payment of Application Fee
    • Application fees are based on the guest’s status (worker/intern) and non-refundable
      • Interns: $250
      • Workers: All worker application fees include a mandatory tenant screening report*
        • Domestic Applicants: $275
        • International Applicants: $400
  1. Submit Application Packet to Webster for Review

Once application packets are reviewed, guests will be contacted by Webster to confirm or reject their admission, and/or request additional information.

Confirmed guests will receive a confirmation letter with the details of their stay including the guest’s initial balance for their first 4 weeks’ stay which is due at least 2 weeks prior to arrival and non-refundable.


Questions about eligibility or the application process? Contact Us.