Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Request 

Guests are strongly encouraged to use our secure, online maintenance request system for any repairs needed in their rooms, restrooms, showers or common areas.

  1. If you have not used the Tikkit system before, you will be asked to enter your email address
  2. Check your email and find a welcome email from “Tikkit”
  3. In the email you will be directed to select a green button.  This will automatically direct you to the Tikkit website
  4. NOTE: No password is required for Tikkit

Once Tikkit is opened

  1. Select the tab on the top right “File a request”
  2. Enter required fields:
    1. Short Description
    2. Request type
    3. Priority
    4. Details:  Please enter location and any additional information that will be useful to the facilities team
    5. If you have pictures, you can add them as attachments
  3. Select “Submit request” at the bottom of the page
  4. Guest will receive an email once a request is opened
  5. Guest will receive an email if there are any messages from the Webster Facilities team regarding the request
  6. Guest will receive an email that was the request has been closed/complete

If you have any questions as always, please contact [email protected]