New Year’s Eve in NYC


Spending New Year’s Eve in New York, are you?  Oh so many choices!

Of course there’s Times Square.  For the most part, New Yorkers try to be anywhere but Times Square on New Year’s Eve.   Anywhere.  So many people, so many barricades.  But if watching that famous ball drop and light up “2015” is on your bucket list, by all means, do it.  (Two hints:  arrive early and use the Ladies Room beforehand.  If you leave you’ll lose your “spot.”)   You can thrill your grandchildren with tales of your bravery!

Of course there are parties everywhere.  It’s New York!  You doubtlessly know more about them than I.  But here’s an idea you might not know about.

If you, like me, look for any reason to lace up your sneakers, how about New York Roadrunner’s Midnight Run?  Start the evening at 10:00 at the Bandshell in Central Park near the 72nd Street Transverse where there’s music and even dancing to warm up your heart and your legs.  The four mile run will begin on the stroke of midnight as will a spectacular fireworks display to light up the night and kick off 2015.  Register at NYRR and you’ll come home with a great Tee Shirt and glow stick bracelets.  How’s that hat for a New York New Year’s Eve memory!

I’ll bet that your families had their own New Year’s traditions.  I waited for so long for my folks to let me stay up until midnight.  And for some reason we always ate “pigs in blankets” (little hot dogs wrapped in dough) that night.  They still say “Happy New Year” to me.

And to you, A Very Happy New Year from all of us at Webster.  We hope that 2015 brings peace, hope, love, joy and a few welcome surprises to you and your family.  We look forward to spending the New Year with you in our lovely home at The Webster Apartments.

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