NYC’s Top Instagram-Worthy Spots

Bright lights, bustling street traffic, and the most recognizable skyline in the world – these are some of NYC’s top Instagram-worthy spots.

If you’re a guest at The Webster Apartments, then you’ve probably already snapped a few pictures on our rooftop terrace. But have you had a chance to find some unique places that make those social media posts extra-special?

We have some of NYC’s top Instagram-worthy spots that range from iconic to off the beaten path.

Iconic NYC

Washington Square Park is a great place to start with its recognizable arch and fountain, named in honor of George Washington. You’ve most likely seen it pop up in New York-based movies like I Am Legend and Ghostbusters II. This beautiful structure is located at the base of Fifth Ave between MacDougal Street and University Place.

[Source: brittanyeliza.photo]

Central Park has social media photo opportunities throughout its 843-acre park. We love this park so much, we wrote a recent blog about our top 4 Reasons To Visit Central Park.

[Source: centralparknyc]

The Brooklyn Bridge is a favorite for NYC Instagram-worthy spots. It’s hard to take a bad social media photo here, but be cautious because there are many walkers and cyclists going over the bridge every day. It’s best to take a quick photo and then enjoy the scenery.

[Source: brooklynbridgepark]

Grand Central Terminal is more than a hub for transportation. You can also grab a bite to eat after you’ve captured your perfect Instagram moment. Be sure to keep in mind that travel times will impact how busy this space is. If you’re trying to get a photo with minimal passersby in the background, then you want to go at off-peak times.

[Source: grandcentralnyc]

Radio City Music Hall‘s iconic marquee is lit up and waiting for you! As this NYC staple prepares to reopen its doors, you can still walk by its bright lights at night and take your own iconic shot.

[Source: radiocitymusichall]

Worth Checking Out

DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a must-see stop for picture-perfect NYC. Not only is there a lot to do in the neighborhood, but the views are pretty incredible too. We’ll let the photo below show you exactly why.

[Source: dumbobrooklyn]

The Oculus is a transportation hub and shopping mall that’s located next to the 9/11 Memorial at One World Trade. This structure is beautiful in its unique simplicity – inside and out.

[Source: one_wtc]

The Channel Gardens are located in Rockefeller Center. You will most likely recognize the spot from the image below, but it’s also worth visiting in the warmer months as well. Oftentimes, you will find art exhibitions and seasonal flower installations.

[Source: rockefellercenter]

The Audrey Hepburn mural, painted by Tristan Eaton in 2013, continues to grace the wall of Caffe Roma on Mulberry Street in Little Italy. This bright and colorful mural of the legendary actress is a top Instagram-worthy spot. And while you’re there, be sure to pick up something tasty.

[Source: dccitygirl]

Finally, M Tea is an unexpected gem for a social media photo opportunity. This article from Secret NYC has some great photos (as well as M Tea’s Instagram below). Located in Flushing, Queens, M Tea serves up boba tea in a cotton candy pink establishment. No really, every inch of this place is draped in pink!

[Source: mteausa]

NYC Is A Visual Playground

There are so many places to find Instagram-worthy spots in NYC. It’s the ultimate visual playground!

From the rooftop of The Webster Apartments to the lush greenery in Central Park, to the recognizable streets and impressive murals. There’s a photo opportunity around every corner.

Once you start finding unique or recognizable spots to take photos, you won’t want to stop. In fact,  you should explore as much of the city as you can during your time here. The memories, experiences, and personal photos you have will stay with you forever.

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