The Beau Parlors: Legends and Lotharios

blog19Wikipedia defines a Beau as a “boyfriend or male admirer.”  We have six “Beau Parlors” on the First Floor, originally places for our guests to have a little (very little) privacy when they entertained “gentleman callers.”

In 2010, we totally renovated these Reception Rooms.  Our wonderfully talented decorator, Rick Jordan, chose to design them thematically, each featuring a renowned “Legend” or “Lothario.”   We just loved the idea!

The MATA HARI room reflects a French bohemian vibe, evocative of this colorful character’s history as a Dutch emigree who traveled the world as an exotic dancer and alleged spy during World War I.

The MARLENE DIETRICH room is an homage to this great actress’ days on the silver screen with a star studded carpet and a gold ceiling star.

The RUDOLPH VALENTINO room is decorated in a graphic Art Deco style, reflecting the fashion of interiors at the height of this screen giant’s career in the 1920’s.

The GRETA GARBO room summons the mystique of the Swedish actress who wanted to be left alone.  Instead of a sofa, the room features a chaise lounge (or fainting bed).

The CASANOVA                room is inspired by Venetian and Italianate motifs, with fanciful green and gold carpet.

Finally, The ISAK DINESEN room has a safari theme, commemorating this great writer’s years in Kenya.


The rooms opened in 2011 to rave reviews.  Thank you Rick, for turning these little Parlors into such fun spaces for our guests to enjoy, whether it be with a “beau” or a laptop!

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