The Webster

The Webster Apartments opened its doors on November 15, 1923. I am confident that Charles and Josiah Webster would be quite pleased if they strolled down 34th Street and visited us this spring. The stripes on the walls and the furniture may be new, but the Library, Drawing Room, Beau Parlors, and Dining Room are just where they were when Josiah was President of the Board. He would be comforted, I would think, to see how well the brothers’ legacy has stood the test of time. Much has stayed the same at Webster over the past 91 years. Walking into our Lobby is a bit like walking back in time. We like it that way.

You are reading the first post of our weekly blog on our newly expanded website, surely something the Webster Brothers could not have imagined, but I suspect would have loved. Future posts will tell you more about the rich history of Webster, about our thriving neighborhood and about the exciting events that we will be offering to our guests.

It seems fitting to begin this blog by thanking Charles and Josiah Webster for their generosity and foresight. They gave us this amazing place, in the middle of Manhattan Island, to call home. We will continue to do our best to make them proud.


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