Five Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in New York

Sooner or later, we have to face facts: Fall is here and winter is coming. And we’re not talking about the cozy autumn days you see in the movies with the picturesque pumpkin patches with the sun shining down – we’re talking rain and cold paired with gloomy skies (and sometimes gloomy moods to match).

So, when the rain strikes and you fancy venturing out from under your blanket, what can you actually do that won’t leave you dripping wet and frozen to the bone? Here are five things you can do in New York City on a rainy day:

1. Find a Cozy Café

All we want to do when it pours is be warm and cozy. Luckily, there are tons of cafes where you can enjoy coffee or hot chocolate as you soak in the atmosphere.

There are plenty of cafes in New York City, but a few you should definitely see are the Blue Box Café with its adorable décor, Coffee Project for their unique blends, Hi-Collar for the presentation and experience, or La Columbe for serious coffee fans.

2. Go to a Bar with Games

You might not have been aware, but New York City is home to some hip places where you can battle it out on old-school arcade games or play a game of bowling, which are the perfect ways to lift your mood and take your mind off the weather. So what are these magical places of fun called? Well, there’s Barcade, Full-Circle Bar, and Brooklyn Bowl (to name a few).

3. Take a Trip “Around the World”

Who wants to go sightseeing in bad weather? Not many people, that’s for sure. But, it’s been said that in New York City you can see the world for the price of a subway ticket. Take the 7 train, for example, which runs from Times Square to Queens along a route that is elevated for most of the way, so you’ll have a view of the different neighborhoods it travels through.

Additionally, there are also a bunch of international dining options along the 7 train – or you could simply visit the New World Mall food court, which is just steps from the line’s final stop in Queens and has more than two dozen delicious Asian food stalls to choose from.

4. Visit One of the Many Museums

New York City is full of museums; in fact, it has so many you could fill up multiple weeks with visits to the plentiful museums. Head over to the Met to see majestic sculptures, swing by MoMA for some seriously cool modern art, or take a look at the exotic Museum of Natural History.

There is so much on offer and New York City has a museum for everything, providing for the perfect activity on a rainy day. Not only are you warm and dry, but you also get the chance to see things you may never have seen before.

5. Warm Yourself Up at Chelsea Piers

This one is a bit of a wild card for those up for a bit of fun, indoors exercise. After all, a gloomy rainy day can dampen your mood and the best medicine to cure this state is a bit of exercise, but not everyone is a treadmill queen or enjoys hitting the gym. Therefore, visiting the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers is a great way to move around while having fun.

Aside from the Golf Club, Chelsea Piers also offers a variety of other drop-in activities that don’t require a membership or reservation.

How Do You Spend Your Rainy Days? There are plenty of things you can do to spend your time while it’s raining in New York, but if you just want to cuddle up with a blanket here at Webster – we’re not judging.

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