Webster’s New Food Service Director

Martha-LIn April, we welcomed Martha Lachawiec, our new Food Service Director, to Webster.

Mrs. Lachawiec is no stranger to the food service industry.  Her grandmother worked in a Chinese Restaurant and her mother was a Dining Services Manager.  She tried working in other industries, but kept coming back to food.  I guess it’s in her genes.

Originally from Philadelphia, Mrs. Lachawiec now lives in New Jersey.  She has worked for Aramark for 15 years and has a strong background in banquet management.  She vowed not to commute to New York, but then Aramark offered her the opportunity to work at Webster.  She checked out our website, came for a visit, and found the chance to work here was just too good to resist.  How lucky for us!

Mrs. Lachawiec has lots of challenges ahead.  She oversees 18 staff.  She plans the menus for 26 meals each week to satisfy the taste buds of over 400 international guests and staff.  She must be sure that our meals are prepared in a way that meets strict sanitary guidelines.  And as our early bird diners expect, she must open the Dining Room right on time!  We think she’s doing just great!  She has already put a number of changes in place that have received “thumbs up” from our guests and staff.

How does she like Webster so far?  She loves every bit of it: our building, our atmosphere, and most of all, our guests.  You’ll be seeing lots of new menu items and fun events.  With her guidance we are offering healthy choices at all of our meals, and are providing information that will help you choose wisely.

Mrs. Lachawiec would love to hear from you, both what you like and what you think we can do better.  Just leave a note for her at the Front Desk and we’ll be sure she gets it.

Welcome to Webster, Mrs. Lachawiec!  We look forward to all the delicious meals and treats to come!

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