Short-Term Housing in NYC: How to Choose Where to Stay

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Relocating to New York City? Congrats! You’ve made the big decision to move to New York City, but now you’ve reached a hurdle: Finding an apartment you love that’s a short-term rental. The problem is, short-term rentals tend to be difficult to find and typically cost 20 to 30 percent more than regular long-term leases.

But, thanks to the explosion of new hosting sites, those looking for short-term rentals in New York have more options today than in the past. Whichever route you take to find your new short-term place, it pays to be strategic about planning.

But even with all the new sites, finding a short-term furnished apartment can be a dilemma. What options do you have when looking for short-term housing in NYC?

Hotels Are Expensive

Hotels can be extremely costly in New York City, even the so-called “budget” options. While the amenities may sound great – or even luxurious, staying in a hotel for a couple months at a time isn’t cost-effective for anyone on a budget and doesn’t give you the vibe of being “home”.

What About a Real Estate Agent/Broker?

Finding an agent in New York who is well-versed in short-term rentals is another option, especially if you want someone to assist with finding an apartment for you. Having an agent can make this process seamless and stress-free. There are a few agencies that specialize in short-term apartments with furnishings. When using the services of a real estate agent, it’s important to be aware that you will have to be willing to pay a fee, which is usually a full month’s rent for shorter leases.

Is AirBnb an Option?

With over 50,000 listings on Airbnb for New York City, it’s pretty tempting to turn to this platform as an alternative for short-term housing. But many cities, like New York City, have instituted laws around Airbnb. To understand more about Airbnb and the regulations, review applicable local laws.

Webster Guest Room

Coliving Spaces

If you love being around like-minded people, think about one the city’s numerous co-living opportunities. Many, such as Webster, offer a private bedroom in a stylish space, complete with access to a cafe, housecleaning, and many other amenities. Plus, most coliving spaces also create opportunities for networking and socializing through fun events.

So, what can you do? Stay at a fun community, like Webster Apartments! At Webster, our endless list of amenities includes an unbeatable Midtown Manhattan location with a private room, two home-cooked meals a day (without the dishes to do!), housekeeping services, an inclusive community environment, and fast Wi-Fi.

Whether you believe it or not, you can find safe and affordable housing in New York City, and we’re here to help.

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