Manicure Your Career: Join us on June 13th with the founder of Of/Mercer

We’ve always been told to “dress the part” — but these days it can be hard (and expensive, time consuming, stressful) to nail the look. Regardless of how stylish and organized you are, building a wardrobe that takes you from the...
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Manicure Your Career: The Honeymoon Phase

The first 90 days of your new job are basically the “honeymoon” phase. You are getting to know the company, the role, the people, and building your personal brand. To help keep yourself on track, you can put your own...
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Manicure Your Career: The Job Offer & Starting Your New Role

Getting an offer is both thrilling and terrifying. Accepting a new job is a life changing choice so it is important to take your time and process before making a decision. Be sure to be grateful and excited, but not...
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