Guarantor Application


In order to be approved as a Guarantor, you must complete the below information, provide proof of income, consent to the mandatory credit and background check and complete, sign, and notarize the Guarantor Agreement.

Verification Documents:  Please upload the following:
  • Completed, signed and notarized Guaranty Agreement
  • Proof of Income
  •      Two (2) most recent consecutive pay stubs or
  •       Most recent tax return (must be prepared by an accredited Tax Firm and/or a CPA/Financial Advisor unless you are self-employed) - First two pages only, showing adjusted gross income 


Guarantor confirms that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate. Guarantor hereby authorizes verification of the below information, and Guarantor from liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. Guarantor acknowledges that false information here may constitute grounds for denial of this application, termination of right of occupancy, eviction from the premises and/or forfeiture of deposits. Guarantor understands and acknowledges that as a condition of the application for a room, The Webster Apartments may obtain a consumer credit report that includes but is not limited to the Guarantor’s creditworthiness, or similar characteristics, employment and education verification, social security verification, criminal and civil history to the extent permitted by law, DMV records or any other public records and any other information bearing on applicant’s credit standing, financial capacity, character, general reputation and trustworthiness. Guarantor hereby authorizes and permits The Webster Apartments to perform background checks and obtain information from credit reporting sources, past and present employers, banks and law enforcement agencies. This application is preliminary only and does not obligate The Webster Apartments or its employees or agents to offer a lease, execute a lease, or deliver possession of any room or apartment. 

I agree