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FOUND Study manages several rooms & apartment style student and intern housing facilities nationwide, with amazing facilities and modern co-living spaces.

If you are a female and full-time college student, intern, or trainee, you are eligible to live at The Webster Apartments at FOUND Study Midtown East.

Fitness Center, Study Room, Conference Room, Lounge, and Communal Kitchen + Dining Room

ALL rooms at FOUND Study Midtown East (including INDIVIDUAL single occupancy rooms) come standard with double furniture, which includes TWO of the following items with a “(2).”  Extra furniture cannot be removed.

  • (2) Twin XL Beds *Residents can opt to push both beds together for a king-size bed or leave them separate to host an overnight guest.*
  • (2) Desks
  • (2) Desk chairs
  • (2) Two-drawer dressers
  • (1) microwave
  • (1) mini-refrigerator
  • (1) full-length mirror

Residents can bring or purchase small items such as plastic drawers and organizers, but no large furniture is allowed (ex: mattresses and couches). Additional refrigerators are also prohibited.

See here for a full list of what is provided and what residents need to pack.  Below is a snapshot of items you need to bring:

  • Desk and/or standing lamp
  • Surge protector power strips
  • Bed Sheets
  • Bed blankets or other linens
  • Towels
  • Shower liner and curtain
  • Cooking supplies (i.e. pots, pans, utensils, etc.)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning supplies

The room rate includes all utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric, trash, high-speed WiFi, AC/heat), 24-hour on-site staff, communal lounge and study areas, as well as a communal kitchen.

Deluxe Rooms include a kitchenette with a countertop, 2-plate electric burner/stove top, kitchen sink, microwave, and mini-refrigerator.

Standard Rooms include ONLY a microwave and mini-refrigerator.

Meals are NOT included in our rates. A large communal kitchen is available for residential use and the neighborhood is full of great dining options!

Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis depending on your room type. We cannot guarantee views, closeness to elevators, etc.; however, if you have any special requests, please let us know on your applicaiton and we will do our best to accommodate.

Yes, overnight guests, including males, are permitted according to all of FOUND Study’s policies. 

We currently have availability; however, until your application is processed and your reservation is confirmed, we cannot guarantee availability.

Reservation Changes

  • To request a change to your arrival date after you’ve been confirmed, contact Admissions at [email protected].
  • Pending availability, requests will be accommodated, and applicants will be required to pay a $75 administration fee which must be paid to adjust the reservation.

Reservation Cancellations

Before Arrival

Applicants who would like to cancel their reservation must contact [email protected] as soon as possible. Such cancellations are subject to a cancellation charge. The amount of the cancellation charge is determined on Webster’s success in finding a replacement guest for the cancelled reservation and may be subject to an additional $75 reservation change administration fee. If the pre-arrival balance has already been paid, the $300 one-time amenity fee payment is fully refundable.

After Arrival

After a resident has checked in, a reservation cannot be cancelled, and the $300 one-time amenity fee is non-refundable.

Terms & Conditions

  • Webster Apartments is a private, not-for-profit organization that reserves the right to enhance, withdraw or modify services provided in connection with your accommodations.
  • Monthly rates are subject to change at the discretion of the Webster Apartments. Annual rate increases typically go into effect in October. Any resident impacted by said increases will be notified in advance of the rate adjustment.
  • Webster reserves the right to cancel a reservation without prior notice in the event of overbooking or for any other reason not prohibited by law.
  • The resident is not entitled to a release from this reservation or a refund of rent because of inconvenience by construction, renovation, maintenance, or for any other reason except as expressly provided.

Tours of FOUND Study can be booked here. Please note that you see all common areas of the building and a show room as rooms on Webster’s specific floor cannot be toured.

Upon arrival, please inform your tour guide that you are applying through The Webster Apartments.

Eligibility & Application

Prospective residents must meet the below eligibility requirements to apply and maintain eligibility for housing:

  • Female
  • 18 years or older
  • Studying, interning, or training with documentation showing they meet one of the below criteria:
    • Enrolled in a/an:
      • Undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university
      • Trade, technical or other school program (ie: performing arts, cosmetology, photography, culinary, etc.)

– OR –

    • Currently working as OR received a new offer for:
      • An internship, traineeship, fellowship, clerkship, etc.

*ALL non-visa holder applicants must have a Guarantor to be eligible for housing.  See guarantor requirements below.

Applications generally take 5-7 business days to process as long as all of the correct supporting documents are uploaded to the application, and the guarantor application (along with supporting documents) is submitted at the same time.

Failure to provide correct documentation on the resident or guarantor application will lead to a delay in processing.

Our minimum stay requirement is 31 days.

Yes, all NON-VISA HOLDING APPLICANTS must secure a guarantor. Guarantors must agree to fulfill the financial obligations of your rent and incidental charges. Guarantors must meet the below requirements:

  • Gross annual income $75,000+
  • Satisfactory results on credit report run by The Webster Apartments (credit Score ≥ 650)

The guarantor will need to provide a valid government ID, complete a Guarantor Form, and provide proof of income:

Your Guarantor must complete the Guarantor Application and fill in and complete pages 1 through 4 of the Guarantor Agreement and bring the Acknowledgement (page 5) to be notarized

    • Guarantors will need to provide proof of income:
      • Two (2) most recent consecutive pay stubs OR
      • Most recent tax return (first two pages only, showing total income.)
    • Guarantors must provide a valid government issued ID.

The Guarantor Agreement & Acknowledgement must be completed, signed, notarized, and uploaded to the Guarantor Application along with proof of income and ID prior to being approved to stay at Webster Apartments. Your application will not be processed unless this document has been provided

Guarantor Agreement cannot be accepted via email. Guarantor is required to upload it directly to the Guarantor Application.

Note: if your guarantor is submitting a joint tax return, both individuals need to complete, sign and notarize the Guarantor Acknowledgement.

Prior to applying, please review Webster’s eligibility requirements and application process (along with required documents) thoroughly.

Then, applications may be submited on our website.

Rates & Fees

Monthly rates are based on room type. Please review the room type and rates here.

Prior to arrival, all applicants are required to pay their first month’s rent and the one-time amenity fee ($300).

  • After submitting an application, all eligible applicants will be required to make a $500 payment towards their initial balance (first month’s rent) to secure their reservation and receive a confirmation for their stay.
  • The balance of the first month’s rent plus the one-time amenity fee ($300) is due at least 8 weeks prior to check-in. For applicants with a check-in date within 8 weeks, this payment will be due immediately upon receiving a confirmation letter.

After your first month’s stay, your room & board will be due monthly. Payments may be made using any of Webster’s accepted payment methods.

Monthly rates include a fully-furnished room, all utilities (ie: water, gas, electric, heat/air conditioning, high speed internet, etc.) and access to all all amenities offered at FOUND Study (ie: gym, 24-hour security, communal kitchen, etc.).

Invoices will be distributed monthly and due within 5 days. However, residents may pre-pay on their account at any time.

For a copy of our invoice schedule, please click here.

Reservation payments ($500) and your initial balance (first month’s rent, $300 one-time amenity fee less the reservation payment) may ONLY be paid via PayPal.

All subsequent invoices after arrival may be paid using any of the below methods:

  • ACH/Checking Account Payments
  • Debit or Credit Card Payments
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfers

Payments by check or cash are NOT accepted.

All guests are required to pay a one-time fee for the below amenities:

  • 24-hour Security
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Study and Common Rooms
  • Mail & Package Service

Current rent rates will remain in effect through September.  Rates are subject to change each October.  Residents will be informed well in advance of any rate changes.

You can speak with your school when applying for financial aid, and let them know that you will need funds for living expenses. Since financial aid is typically paid to you directly, you need to coordinate how the funds get from your school/other third party to The Webster Apartments. Your first months rent and amenity fee payment is required to be paid before move in.

Check-in & Checkout

Residents may check in any time after 11 a.m. Upon check-in, visit the front desk to obtain your room key, ID, and Welcome Packet.

During the application process, applicants will specify an approximate checkout date. Webster does NOT consider this date your official checkout date. This date is only used to verify the applicant meets the minimum length of stay requirement (31 days).  A formal Checkout Notice must still be submitted to Webster by each resident after their arrival.

Residents may submit the Checkout Notice at any time during their stay, but a minimum of 8 weeks prior to departure is required to avoid fees. Failure to submit the Checkout Notice at least 8 weeks prior to departure will result in a fee. Please see below for a list of all policies/fees related to Checkout Notices:

  • If a resident cancels a Checkout Notice on file before the departure date on their Checkout Notice, they will be charged a $150 administrative fee.
  • If a resident modifies a Checkout Notice on file to a departure date that is 8 weeks or more from the date the modification is made, they will be charged a $150 administrative fee.
  • If a resident does not have a Checkout Notice on file and submits a NEW notice for a departure date that is less than 8 weeks from the date the Checkout Notice is submitted, they will be charged a $600 Late Checkout Notice Fee.
  • If a resident modifies a Checkout Notice on file to a departure date that is less than 8 weeks from the date the modification is made, they will only be charged a $600 Late Checkout Notice Fee.
  • All residents must check out by 12:00 PM on their departure date by coming to the lobby to return they keys. If a resident fails to depart at 12PM on their check-out date, they will be required to modify or cancel their existing Checkout Notice on file and will be charged the above fees accordingly.

Residents are required to give a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice prior to departure by completing a formal Checkout Notice online. Failure to provide 8 weeks’ notice prior to departure will result in a $600 penalty fee.

Residents that know they will be departing within 8 weeks of their arrival must submit a Checkout Notice within 48 hours of arrival to avoid a fee.

Please note that residents checking out from the 1st through the 15th of the month will be invoiced for a half month’s rent, regardless of the check out date. Residents checking out from the 16th through the end of the month will be invoiced for a full month’s rent, regardless of the check out date. Webster will not prorate final invoices based on actual dates of departure.

Final payment for any balance due for rent must be made two weeks prior to departure. A full copy of this policy inclusive of terms, conditions and fees can be requested from the [email protected] at any time during your stay.

Rooms & Facilities

All rooms come standard with (1) mini refrigerator.  Extra/outside refrigerators are not permitted.

See here for a full list of what is provided and what residents need to pack.

Residents are permitted to bring personal items such as rugs, throw pillows, and bedspreads. Residents are encouraged to use personal items that are fire retardant. Furnishings and any item brought into the room must be arranged in a manner that does not obstruct clear access to exits, including windows.

Residents are not permitted to cover lights, drape, or hang items from lights, windows, safety equipment or ceilings in any manner. Paper or other flammable decorations should be used with care as to not increase the “fire load” of the room.

Residents can bring or purchase small items such as plastic drawers and organizers, but no large furniture is allowed (ex: mattresses and couches).

Items hung on the walls must be done so with materials that will not cause damage to the walls  (ie: Command hooks).

Webster offers an “on request” approach to room changes. This means that, if a resident has requested a room and a room becomes available that meets the criteria the resident provided in their request, we will allow the resident to move to that room. We do encourage residents to resolve conflicts, and the FOUND Study Student Life Staff is trained to assist in mediation that can help residents manage their disagreements.Fees will apply for room changes. A list of room change fees will be provided to residents upon moving in.

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