Webster’s Chief Engineer

Heading up our Building’s Maintenance Department is Thomas Vistocci, Webster’s Chief Engineer.TomVistocci

Born and raised in Brooklyn in an Italian family, Mr. Vistocci attended Our Lady of Refuge Grammar School. Word has it that he was quite a handful in those days, with the nuns calling his folks in for meetings on a regular basis! He went on to William E. Grady High School while he worked part time stocking shelves and making deliveries for neighborhood businesses.

Mr. Vistocci’s first job was with National Air Corrections where he assembled and installed garbage compactors and scrubber machines. He went on to build a career in building maintenance and repair. With each new position he took on more and more responsibility, gaining the varied skills we need to care for our 13-story building.

Mr. Vistocci relishes his spare time. He’s all about jamming with his friends on his 4-String Electric Base Guitar (think Rolling Stones, Cream, Eric Clapton). He has also owned motorcycles throughout his life (“I’m a Harley guy.”) Add in boating, fishing and snowmobiling and you can see how he enjoys life! Mr. Vistocci is a devoted father to his two sons: Michael who is living in Georgia, and Sal who is following in his father’s footsteps in his love of Brooklyn.

In 2011, following our former Chief Engineer’s retirement, we were fortunate to find Mr. Vistocci. He supervises a staff of seven, who are responsible for our physical plant 24/7. It can be a daunting task. But just like all of our other Department Heads, he loves working here. Why? He loves the beauty of our building and facilities and loves that it presents new challenges to him every day.

We think you and Webster are a great match! We share your passion for Webster and look forward to taking on tomorrow’s challenges with you.

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