Benefits Of Returning To New York City In The Wake Of COVID-19

There are more benefits of returning to New York City in the wake of COVID-19 than you think. For starters, we are in a drastically different place than we were a year ago at this time.

If you’ve ever dreamt of what NYC life would be like, or you’re hesitant to get back to the city you’ve loved in the past, then you’re probably doing your research right now. Let us help you navigate your arrival in the best city in the world!

We Crave In-Person Connections

After a year of isolation, many of us are craving in-person connections. NYC is the best city in the world to meet people. You can’t beat the fact that NYC attracts people from all backgrounds and experiences. Not only will you make new friends, but you can expand your views of the world while doing so.

Of course, Webster is a great place for making in-person connections. Our guests come from all over the world to pursue careers while exploring all that NYC has to offer. With our rooftop terrace and outdoor area about to reopen, guests can enjoy the warmer weather while socializing.

Another benefit to living in NYC is that you can connect with people via MeetUp groups. These groups range from hiking groups; shy and social anxiety-focused groups; financial groups; women who code; and so much more. There is truly a group for anyone looking to make meaningful connections and meet up in person or virtually.

Restaurants Are Open & Ready For You

One of the biggest benefits of living in New York City is that we offer the most eclectic selections of food. Anything you have a craving for – you can find it here! With increased capacity, restaurant owners and their staff are eager to see their eateries flourish once again.

Outdoor dining in NYC has adapted with each changing season but it’s especially lovely in the spring and summer. Eating al fresco has never been so comfortable and chic!

Some of the best spots for outdoor dining:

Caracas in Williamsburg offers authentic Venezuelan food. You can check out their indoor and outdoor dining photos here.

Dirt Candy is a vegetable-focused restaurant that can be found on the Lower West Side. Their dishes are drool-worthy and can be seen here.

[Source: Dirt Candy on Instagram]

Jacob’s Pickles (yes, pickles!) offers southern-accented comfort food as well as a great selection of craft beers. Check out their gallery of photos below.

[Source: Jacob’s Pickles on Instagram]

Piacere is a delightful spot in Little Italy and serves up sophisticated Italian dishes made with the freshest ingredients.

La Sirene is a lovely French bistro with indulgent entrées located on the Upper West Side and SoHo. You can get a taste of what they’re offering here.

Webster guests also receive two home-cooked meals every day (which are included in their rate). Many of our guests enjoy their meals outside on our rooftop or out in our garden.

As you can see, the benefits of returning to New York City are pretty tasty. Not only do we have great indoor and outdoor dining with safety protocol, but we also have some of the best food in the world!

Benefits of Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals in a coliving space are a huge benefit of returning to New York City if you’re not onboard with a bigger commitment. We understand that this last year has been one of uncertainty, so being locked into year-long rental agreements may have you feeling a bit skittish.

In the last twelve months, many left the city to put their roots down in the suburbs and take advantage of low mortgage rates. This alone has opened up a world of possibilities for renters.

The benefit of short-term rentals in a post-pandemic city is that you can test drive the city before committing to a longer-term stay. The mental aspect alone – knowing you can leave sooner without breaking a rental agreement,  is comforting in the wake of COVID-19.

Webster offers guests short-term rentals with just a minimum of a 4-week stay. Not only can you test drive this exciting city, but it also helps you determine what neighborhood you’d prefer to live in!

New York City Is Open

NYC is open, and we are excited to welcome you back! Whether it’s to resume your pre-COVID plans, or start fresh, the benefits of living and working in NYC in the wake of COVID-19 are endless and yours for the taking.

Things may look a little different in 2021, but one thing remains the same – New York City is the best place to embark on a career, make new connections, and experience the best city life there is to offer.

What part of NYC is the biggest draw for you? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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