Fitness at the Web: Meet Your Pilates Instructor


Breaking a sweat has multiple benefits: stress relief, mental clarity, time with your friends (or solo!), and of course the physical impact. At Webster, living a healthy life by eating well and staying active is a core belief. Join us for our second installment of Fitness at the Web, featuring pilates classes led by instructor Elizabeth Kresch, starting April 13th. Learn more about Elizabeth and the power of pilates below. We hope to have you join us!



Why pilates?
Pilates saved me from lower back pain that had started to torment me in sharp blasts. Within a month after I started practicing regularly it completely disappeared. I love the sense of tone and height one feels after a session.

What do you need to prepare if you have never tried pilates?

No need to prepare! If you’ve never taken a class before just come with a willingness to learn, move and think differently about your core!

What are some of your favorite pre and post pilates meals to fuel and refuel?
Pre-Pilates snack~ I love plain yogurt sweetened with a little stevia and some chopped almonds. It’s light enough that it won’t get in the way of your workout but is sweetly satisfying but gives you an energy boost and helps to support digestion all the while!
Post~ Afterwards I tend to be a little blissed out and not so hungry so a green apple or so does the trick for me! I like to stay very low-sugar for among other reasons to avoid bloat so you get to see the results you’ve been working for!

Why is pilates good for an athlete?
Pilates is great for any athlete as it protects your back and gets the deepest abdominal layer to support so the rest of the body can do it’s job freely.
It’s even greater for someone just getting into fitness because you’ll start off any activity on the right foot!
You’ll go into it with a greater knowledge of how to move as a whole applying Pilates principles.

What is your favorite music to listen to while working out?
I listen to a very very wide variety of music while I’m working out. I wouldn’t want to classify but it’s whatever noisy favorites keep me going, lighten the load and push me farther. Only you know what you love. When I’m working with students I tend towards the more meditative and transportive.

What other workouts do you enjoy?
I enjoy cardio of any sort. If you go to a gym try the elliptical or step-machine and if not- get out there and run! I think it’s an important counterpart to pilates. I also keep a steady yoga practice. For me it organizes the alphabet into poetry.

Why is pilates a great exercise for someone living in busy NYC?
Living in New York is largely about living among our fellow human beings for better or worse. Pilates helps us navigate what can sometimes be a chaotic and downright aggressive environment. When you have a strong center, you can get around with that much more grace and any short-fuse tendency is appeased!

What is your favorite place to explore in NYC?
My favorite place to explore in New York is the Met Museum.

A fun fact:
I’ve taught bellydance and am trained in Muay Thai boxing by a master trainer in Bangkok!



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