How to Make a Spectacular Salad (that’s spectacularly healthy too!)

This is the first of a regular series of posts about the food and exercise options available in and around Webster.

Recently, to help our guests make healthy choices at our Salad Bar, we added color-coded tongs.  You might notice that each food item has a specific color tongs for you to use:

  • Green means “Go!” You can use these ingredients as much as you like.  Build your base with a mix of greens and other fresh veggies.
  • Yellow means “Caution!”  Be careful here.  These ingredients pack in protein, healthy fats and vital nutrients, but also tend to pack in calories.  Enjoy them in moderation.
  • Red means “Stop and Think!”  Too much of these ingredients will overwhelm your salad with calories and unhealthy fats.  Use these sparingly for flavor and variety.

If you ever have any questions about making healthy choices, ask to talk with Teena Mathews, Food Service Manager, in our Dining Room.  She joined our staff last August, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, and would love to meet you.

In signing his will on November 4, 1910, (yes, that’s 104 years ago!!) Charles Webster directed that Webster Apartment provide working women with “wholesome food.”   So make yourself a spectacularly healthy salad, ladies.  Mr. Webster would approve!

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