Thank you!

Thank you, {Guest Name (First):5.3}, we have received your checkout notice submission. Please check your email for further instructions.

If you have any questions about your checkout, please email [email protected].

ABOUT YOUR checkout

All guests must check out by 11 AM on their departure date by coming to the front desk to return their keys. A late fee of $100 per night will be assessed if you do not check out by 11 AM.

Final Bills

  • You will receive your final bill via email approximately two weeks before your scheduled checkout date. It will include room & board billed through your checkout date and any fees incurred.
  • Your Final bill is due on receipt. Please notify Billing as soon as possible if you experience any issue with payment or if your payment will be delayed.
  • Final bill payments can be made by ACH debit, PayPal, wire transfer, credit or debit card, and personal check. Payments by Paypal and credit or debit card will incur a $15 convenience fee.

Checking Out – Room Condition, ID Card, Keys and Mail

  • Upon checkout, your room should be restored to its original condition, excluding normal wear and tear.
  • Do not leave personal property or garbage in the room. The Webster will not take responsibility for any personal property left behind. These items will be immediately discarded.
  • ID Card and Keys (Room and Mailbox) should be returned to the Front Office on your checkout date by 11 AM. If a guest requests a later checkout time (until 1 PM) a $100 fee is charged.
  • ID Cards can be kept as a memento upon checkout, no charge.

Checking Out – Movers

  • Any guest who requires the assistance of a moving company, or a male (ie: friend, father, etc.) in your room or on the elevator, must request an appointment time with [email protected] when you submit your Checkout Notice. This allows the Webster team to arrange for the necessary resources to be available for escorting them. If an appointment is not made in advance, the Webster staff will do its best to aid in access, but there may be a significant waiting period.
  • If you are hiring professional movers, we will need to EMAIL [email protected] the following information two weeks prior to your departure date:
    • Name of the moving company.
    • Date and Time of move.
    • Certificate of Insurance from the moving company.

Checking Out – Luggage

If you have stored any luggage in the trunk room, please submit a trunk room request at least 3 business days prior to your departure:

Checking Out – Mail Forward

  • Webster is NOT responsible for any mail or packages after a guest departs.
  • As soon as possible, visit the Front Desk or a United States Post Office location to obtain a Mail Forwarding form.  Complete and then submit your Mail Forwarding form to the United Stated Post Office..  Note, due to the nature of Webster’s business, these requests CAN NOT be submitted online.
  • Regular mail (ie: letters, bills, etc.) received after a guest’s departure will be returned to sender. 
  • Webster cannot hold or forward any packages or parcels received after a guest departs the building and many merchants and delivery services (ie: Amazon, UPS and FedEx) will not allow us to “Return to Sender.”  Please be sure to change your address on ALL merchants prior to placing an online order after your departure.