Trick or Treat!


October 31st, Halloween Night, is fast approaching!

Did you know that the tradition of trick-or-treating dates back over 1,000 years?  Halloween is thought to have its roots in pagan practices that honored the dead in ancient times.

To honor saints, the Catholic Church named November 1st as “All Saints’ Day.”  In Britain, the night before this day was called “All Hallows Eve”, with “hallow” being a word to mean honor and veneration.  In Ireland, some thought that disembodied souls wandered about on “All Hallows Eve” in order to find a body to inhabit.  People began to disguise themselves as ghosts or goblins to scare off these searching souls.

New York is not for the Faint of Heart on Halloween night (or, some might say, any night)!   All sorts of creatures ride the subways, roam the streets, and jump out at you from doorways.   Beware!

Of course you’re not going to want to miss New York’s Village Halloween Parade.  It stretches more than a mile and draws millions of spectators and tens of thousands of costumed participants, dancers, artists and circus performers.  New York does it all on such a grand scale!  Isn’t it great to be living here??

So make a costume, buy a costume, borrow a costume and be someone (or something) you’ve always wanted to be.  We love the “Parade” in Webster’s Lobby that night too, so stop by
and scare us.  Please!


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