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The Webster Apartments is a benevolent institution whose mission is to provide safe, affordable, temporary residences for single women working in New York City, without discrimination.
The Webster promotes a healthy lifestyle, providing nutritious meals, comfortable surroundings, and the opportunity for intellectual improvement, and good moral surroundings.


Charles and Josiah Webster, the founders of the Webster Apartments were first cousins of Rowland H. Macy, who came to New York in the late 1800s, to learn the merchandising business under the tutelage of Macy.

Around the turn of the 19th century, Charles B. Webster was the senior partner and held the largest shares of the successful partnership. Rowland H. Macy and the Webster Brothers prospered and when Charles died in 1916 he left virtually his entire estate to found the Webster Apartments “For occupancy by unmarried working women regardless of their religious belief or nationality and wherein they find comfortable and attractive homes”.

Josiah Webster was the first President of the Webster Apartments and when he died, he also left the bulk of his fortune to Webster.

The two brothers conceived, built and initially ran the non profit organization now known as The Webster. Our doors opened on November 15, 1923, and we have been virtually filled to capacity ever since.

“I direct that the said apartments shall not be conducted for profit but solely for the purpose of providing unmarried working women with homes and wholesome food at a small cost to them”. Charles B. Webster, April 5, 1916.