Beat The Winter Blues At Webster

Are you sick of this dreary, cold winter yet? We know how hard it can be to muster up the motivation to leave our cozy beds and head outside. That’s why we’re thinking of all the ways to beat the winter blues while at The Webster Apartments!

There’s plenty of time to explore the city outside of these walls, but if you feel like hibernating on a cold day, check out our suggestions below.

Winter Sunrises & Sunsets for the Win

Ok, technically, this suggestion is outside, but trust us, it’s worth it. One of the best ways to beat the winter blues are to embrace the winter itself. Winter sunrises and sunsets are pure magic!

Have you been upstairs to our rooftop terrace? Our rooftop space is perfect for early birds catching those vivid sunrises. Or, grab some of your friends at Webster and head up to have a cocktail hour of your own and catch the sunset after a busy day. The gorgeous colors of city sunrises and sunsets are the perfect bookends to a long winter day.


Yoga & Meditation

Did you know we have some great common areas where you can set up your yoga mat? It’s true! Grab your mat and head to the 1st floor’s Beau Parlor. All you need to do is slide an ottoman off to the side to lay down your mat.

If you prefer yoga classes instead of creating your own vinyasa, then there are plenty of great apps you can download for a selection of beginner through advanced yoga classes. Women’s Health put together a list of the best yoga apps here.

And don’t discount how important mediation can be to beat the winter blues. If you have five minutes in your room to be mindful, then you can try it. Here’s a list of guided meditations from Elle. The great thing about these apps are that many offer free trial periods.

Beau Parlor, 1st Floor

Start a Bookclub

You know we love a good book crawl around the city! Even more so when it involves friends, drinks, and cozy bookshops in the winter. But, if you’re not feeling like braving the slushy streets and blustery air, you can create a cozy corner of your own.

Our 1st floor library is perfect if you want to meet up with your Webster friends to host your own bookclub. And, if you’re not sure what book to select first, Goodreads has compiled a list to get your started here.

The Webster Apartments, New York City

Library, 1st Floor

Watch Party

Not into bookclub? You can still beat the winter blues at Webster with a watch party of your favorite bingeworthy shows or a movie night. Our 2nd floor TV room is perfect if you want to meet up for a watch party. And if you’re just looking to catch up on your favorite shows alone, you can cuddle up on the couches in one of our Beau Parlor rooms on the 1st floor as well.

TV Room, 2nd Floor

TV Room, 2nd Floor

Beat the Winter Blues

If you’re not used to the NY cold, we get it! It can be brutal and feel never-ending. It’s important not to let the dreary days get you down. The truth is, NYC is pretty amazing in the winter too. The city is peaceful and breathtaking with a fresh coat of snow falling.

And remember, one of the great things about living at Webster is you’re not alone! You have other friends in the building and can make the most of these cold winter days by creating your own fun. So, visit our rooftop and catch vibrant sunrises and sunsets, do yoga in the common rooms, start a bookclub, and have a watch party!

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