The Webster Apartments Guest Spotlight (Part 3)

We hope you’ve been enjoying the testimonials our guests have been sharing this month. At Webster, we have the pleasure of welcoming women from all over the U.S. as well as internationally. Our hope is to continue sharing their stories with you. In the meantime, please read on for part 3 of The Webster Apartments guest spotlight.

From The Mid-West To The East Coast

Webster guest, Aveda J. came to New York City from Florida for graduate school. But we’ll let her tell the story!

“My name is Aveda J. I was born in Minnesota and lived in Florida for many years before I found myself in NYC for graduate school. I felt called to Webster apartments as I knew someone who lived here and had nothing but wonderful things to say.”

[Aveda J.]

Favorite Thing About The Webster Apartments

As Aveda tells us, “My favorite part of living here is the convenience it poses if you are a remotely employed individual, and I love the location.

This is by far the best way to acclimate to the city as it is clean, convenient, and safe.”

Favorite Memory At The Webster Apartments

It seems our rooftop view is a common thread with our guests! In Aveda’s words, “One memory here at Webster that will remain with me for the rest of my life is sitting on the rooftop on my first night in the city overlooking the gorgeous view.”

Advice For New Guests

One piece of advice I have for women who are considering moving to the city is to stay open to new experiences, and trying new hobbies doesn’t mean you have to be any good at them. NYC is truly vibrant and welcoming if you apply yourself.

We couldn’t agree more with Aveda’s advice!

We Love Our Guests

As you can see, our guests at The Webster Apartments feel completely at ease when they come into the city. Not only do they find comfort in the community of fellow guests, but they can also enjoy the conveniences that Webster offers.

If you’d like to learn more about The Webster Apartment, you can visit us here. And if you’d like some behind-the-scenes content, check out our Instagram page here! Thanks for reading The Webster Apartments Guest Spotlight Part 3! You can also catch up with part 1 [link to Part 1 after posted] and part 2 [link to Part 2 after posted] as well.

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