The Webster Apartments Guest Spotlight (Part 2)

We’re continuing our series this month with The Webster Apartments Guest Spotlight (Part 2). Sure, you can visit our website to view the rooms and amenities we offer, but that’s just one perspective. We feel it’s important for you to also hear what guests have to say about their experiences at Webster as well.

Too Good To Be True?

Ella M. from London came upon The Webster Apartments after being accepted into an MA program at NYU

As Ella tells us, “I had been teaching in London and decided it was time for a change. I applied for an MA at NYU and, to my luck, they offered me a place and a scholarship. However, being an international student in NYC comes with its difficulties, I was having an absolute nightmare trying to find somewhere to live. One day in frustration I googled: How to live in NYC as an international student – The Webster Apartments was 3rd on the list.”

She goes on to say, “I remember calling Webster that day on my lunch break from the school I worked at, I had so many questions because I couldn’t believe something so perfect for my needs could be real. Having my application accepted for The Webster Apartments cemented my move to NYC and I am so thankful I found them.”

So Many Things To Love

There are so many things to love about living at Webster, but Ella does such a great job, we’ll let her tell you:

“In terms of physical facilities, I love the library the most. I am someone who needs a good workspace to focus and being a grad student having this space is invaluable to me. I also like how I get to work underneath a massive painting of Webster himself; it reminds me where all of this came from. However, my true favourite feature or features I should say, of The Webster Apartments are the people who work here.

It’s rare to live somewhere with such a great team of people who are both extremely kind and hardworking. I hope they know how much they are valued!”

Stress-Free Living At The Webster Apartments

Ella sums up why a coliving building like The Webster Apartments is ideal for young women moving to NYC:

“Living at Webster has made my life in NYC extremely easy and stress-free. New York can be chaotic and busy but being at Webster, a huge load of life labour is taken off my shoulders. I need not worry about things such as grocery shopping, dragging my laundry through the snow to the laundromat, cooking, cleaning, waiting for parcels, and my safety! Having 24/7 security, two meals a day and free laundry are luxuries that are hard to find. Also, being able to arrive in a new country to a furnished room was a relief!”

My First Morning At Webster

Moving to New York City can be overwhelming. But it’s nice to know that Ella found Webster’s rooftop as a sanctuary during the buzz of city life.

Ella told us, “I really will always remember my first morning at Webster. I had arrived the night before. Because I was very jet-lagged, I was up at 6:30 with the August sun. It was too early for breakfast, so I went up on the roof to see the view of the city. For someone who had never even been to America, to suddenly be in the deep end of it all in NYC was huge for me. The sounds of the city were humming already and there was still a freshness in the air. I sat looking out at the Empire State and thought this was it – I’m here now, I’d done it.

Though there are days in New York where I’m exhausted and worn out, I think about this day a lot. I will always have Webster to come back to after a long day. Whenever, I need a reminder of why I am here, I go up to the roof to look at that view.

[Rooftop view at The Webster Apartments]

Advice To Prospective Guests

Finally, we love to ask our guests what advice they would give to anyone considering a move to NYC. Here is the advice Ella would give future guests:

“My advice would be that sometimes NYC can feel lonely, like any big city. But Webster gives you the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by people in the same boat. Get to know your neighbours and be kind to the people who work so hard to keep this beautiful residence running. If you stay at Webster you will never be alone in NYC.”

The Webster Community

Thank you to Ella M. for taking part in The Webster Apartments Guest Spotlight (Part 2)! As part of our community of women, The Webster Apartment guests are welcomed in from Day 1. We hope you’ve been enjoying our series this month…stay tuned for Part 3!

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