Ready to apply to stay at the Webster Apartments? Fill out the application form below and a member of our Admissions team will be in touch.

NOTE: The content on this page refers to our old building, and as of March 2023, is no longer accurate or up-to-date. We have since moved to a new building at FOUND Study, with new rooms, rates, policies, etc. Please visit our homepage for the most current information.


  • Prior to applying, applicants must confirm they meet the eligibility requirements and have reviewed all policies regarding pre-arrival payments and cancelling your reservation.
    • Interns and Trainees must have an internship/traineeship offer letter from their internship employer or Training/Internship Placement plan (DS-7002) PRIOR to applying as it is required to upload this document to the application.
    • Students must have proof that they are enrolled at a program at a college, university or trade school and have a valid government ID PRIOR to applying as it is required to upload this document to the application. 

    • *ALL non-visa holder student/intern/trainee applicants must have a Guarantor to be eligible for housing.  See guarantor requirements below.
    • To ensure you do not hold up your application review process, secure your guarantor and have them get started on their application. 
    • See “Step 2” for more information.  
  • COMPLETE THE APPLICATION and upload the required eligibility verification documents listed below:
      • Students: Provide documentation from the Office of the Registrar that you are enrolled in the upcoming semester. This can be in the form of an email, letter from the Office of the Registrar or your academic counselor, or other accepted forms of student proof of eligibility.
      • Interns & Trainees: Webster accepts a variety of documents to verify your internship. See Accepted Forms of Employment Eligibility Verification Documents for more information.
    • IDENTIFICATION: Provide a copy of government issued I.D. (i.e.: Passport) for verification of your date of birth and gender.
  • SUBMIT your application for review.



    • The Guarantor Agreement & Acknowledgement must be completed, signed, notarized, and uploaded to the Guarantor Application prior to being approved to stay at Webster Apartments. Your application will not be processed unless this document has been provided
    • NOTE: Guarantor Agreement cannot be accepted via email. Guarantor is required to upload the Guarantor Agreement on the Guarantor application.
  • All applications will be reviewed by Webster’s Admissions Department within 2-3 business days.
  • Applicants with incomplete applications will receive a request for additional information before moving on to the credit and background report process.
  • Applicants who do not meet all of the intern eligibility requirements will be deemed ineligible and notified via email by Webster’s Admissions Department.
  • Applicants who meet all of Webster’s eligibility requirements will receive a pre-approval letter via email indicating that a room is being placed on a temporary hold for the applicant’s requested date of check-in.
  • The pre-approval letter will include the applicant’s check-in date and explanation of all pre-arrival monies due to include the room & board balance covering the first 4 weeks of stay.
  • To secure the reservation, the applicant will be required to make a $500 payment towards their room & board balance within 5 days or the room hold will be cancelled.
  • If the applicant cancels the reservation before arrival, a cancellation fee may apply.
  • Within 2-3 business days of receipt of the $500 payment to secure the reservation, the applicant will receive a formal confirmation letter confirming their reservation and outlining their pre-arrival balance due AT LEAST 8 weeks prior to check-in.
  • The pre-arrival balance will reflect their room & board balance less the $500 payment made plus the one-time amenity fee charge of $300.
  • The pre-arrival balance payment may be made any time after receiving this letter but MUST be received at least 8 weeks prior to check-in.
  • Failure to remit this payment 8 weeks prior to check-in may result in a cancellation of the reservation.
  • If the applicant cancels the reservation before arrival, a cancellation fee may apply.