Set Your Summer Internship Up For Success

With a new season putting a spring in your step, it’s also a reminder that new summer internship opportunities are right around the corner. Here’s your friendly reminder to set your summer internship up for success now!

There’s no better place to find the ideal internship than in NYC. It’s the epicenter of culture and business, so you’re already looking in the right place. While searching for your dream internship, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground for the planning process.

If you’re exploring your options now, then let us offer some tips to help set your summer internship up for success.

Tip 1: Resume Gold

Having a resume that stands out from the rest is super important. You’re competing for the top spot, so be clear on what makes you the best candidate.

If you’re a bit stuck on where to start, then you’ll want to read up on this article from Indeed. Of course, the facts listed on your resume are what check the boxes, but it’s your cover letter that will set you apart from the pack. Creativity counts here, but you also need to gauge that with the overall vibe of the company you are applying to.

But the main thing to keep in mind – don’t be generic. Instead, shine brightly!

Tip 2: The More Applications, The Merrier

Even if there’s just one company you’re looking at, it’s a waste not to submit your resume to multiple places. Opening your options up is never a bad thing. It’s far better to have twenty offers to sift through than to have put all your hopes on one that may not work out.

To further prove this point, you may also find that your #1 dream internship isn’t as dreamy as you thought when you begin interviewing. Keep an open mind and send out those resumes!

According to Indeed, you should apply to a minimum of 20 internships. To keep track of these, it’s best to create a spreadsheet so you don’t lose track of the process.

This spreadsheet should categorize:

  • Company
  • Position
  • Date Applied
  • Date Contacted
  • Details (Use this section to list what you like/didn’t like)

Bonus organizational points if you create a color-coded key to highlight each row based on:

  • Interview
  • Offer
  • Rejected
  • No response

Don’t have time to create this? We found this template from The Muse that can get you organized as well.

Tip 3: Always Send A Thank You Note

Never underestimate the power of a thank you note, truly a lost art. This is similar to why you need an unforgettable cover letter. After your interview, you will need to continue to set yourself apart from the other interviewees.

Keep your thank you note personable too. Was there anything specific you spoke about during the interview? If you had a great rapport with them and spoke candidly, make sure that shines through here as well.

Interviewers of course want the most qualified person, but they also want someone who is appreciative, easily trained, and personable.

Tip 4: Find Your Housing Now

After you’ve received offers (congrats!), it’s time to map out living arrangements. Do your research when it comes to location. Location is key, but so are extracurricular activities.

Once you’ve got that pinpointed, you need to look into housing options. Coliving is great option for NYC interns. Webster offers female interns all-inclusive short-term accommodations in a dorm-style setting with a minimum stay of only 4 weeks. Get a feel for the city we love while discovering the areas that draw you in the most.

Coliving at Webster while embarking on an NYC internship offers the comfort of an all-women’s building as well as the peace of mind of a short-term rental.

You’ve Got This

We hope our tips are helpful to get you going on your summer plans. New York City is full of opportunities, so you’re already going in the right direction. Plan ahead and you will set your summer internship up for success.

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