GUEST Policies

Below is a list of Webster’s most inquired Guest Policies. For a comprehensive look at all policies, please reference your Guest Handbook issued upon check-in.

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NOTE: The content on this page refers to our old building, and as of March 2023, is no longer accurate or up-to-date. We have since moved to a new building at FOUND Study, with new rooms, rates, policies, etc. Please visit our homepage for the most current information.

If you have any questions, please contact our Guest Services Team. Our Front Office is open 12 pm until 9 pm Monday through Saturday. We are also interested in your ideas and suggestions.

Guests are welcome to post on the magnetic bulletin boards outside the laundry rooms on floors 4, 7, & 11.

As a safety precaution, there is a licensed security guard in the lobby 24 hours a day.

All guests are required to abide by all security protocols outlined in the Guest Handbook as it pertains to their ID Card, room/mailbox keys and visitors. Guests must swipe upon entering the building. Visitors must give a valid State ID or Passport to Security upon entering the building.

  • ID Cards
    • Guests are REQUIRED to swipe their Webster ID Card upon entering the building.
    • Webster cannot release your keys to anyone else unless we have written permission from you to do so.
    • The charge to replace missing or lost room key, mailbox key or ID Card is $25 per item lost.

The approximate checkout date listed on your application is only used to confirm availability for your entire length of stay. All guests must submit a formal Checkout Notice  at least 8 calendar weeks prior to the date of checkout.  Guests must check out by 11 AM on their departure date by coming to the security desk to return their keys.

Please see below for policies and fees related to Checkout Notices:

  • Guests who fill out a NEW Checkout Notice for a checkout date that is less than 8 weeks from the date the Checkout Notice is submitted will be charged a $600 Late Checkout Notice Fee.  
  • Modifications & Cancellations of existing Checkout Notices
    • If a guest would like to modify or cancel and existing Checkout Notice on file, the guest must email [email protected].
    • If a guest cancels a Checkout Notice on file before the departure date on their Checkout Notice, they will be charged a $150 administrative fee.
    • If a guest modifies a Checkout Notice on file to a departure date that is 8 weeks or more from the date the modification is made, they will be charged a $150 administrative fee.
    • If a guest modifies a Checkout Notice on file to a departure date that is less than 8 weeks from the date the modification is made, they will only be charged a $600 Late Checkout Notice Fee.
  • All guests must check out by 11 AM on their departure date by coming to the security desk to return their keys. If a guest fails to depart at 11am on their check-out date, they will be required to modify or cancel their existing Checkout Notice on file and will be charged the above fees accordingly.


Final Bills

  • You will receive your final bill via email approximately two weeks before your scheduled checkout date. It will include room & board billed through your checkout date and any fees incurred.
  • Your Final bill is due on receipt. Please notify Billing as soon as possible if you experience any issue with payment or if your payment will be delayed.
  • Final bill payments can be made by ACH debit, PayPal, wire transfer, credit or debit card, and personal check. Payments by Paypal and credit or debit card will incur a $15 convenience fee.

Checking Out – Room Condition, ID Card, Keys and Mail

  • Upon checkout, your room should be restored to its original condition, excluding normal wear and tear.
  • Do not leave personal property or garbage in the room. The Webster will not take responsibility for any personal property left behind. These items will be immediately discarded.
  • ID Card and Keys (Room and Mailbox) should be returned to the Front Office on your checkout date by 11 AM. 
    • ID Cards can be kept as a memento upon checkout, no charge.

Checking Out – Movers

  • Any guest who requires the assistance of a male, or movers, up on the residence floors, i.e., in your room or on the elevator, must request an appointment time when you submit your checkout notice. This allows the Webster team to arrange for the necessary resources to be available for escorting them. If an appointment is not made in advance, the Webster staff will do its best to aid and access, but there may be a significant waiting period.
  • If you are hiring professional movers, we will need the following information two business days prior to the date scheduled:
    • Name of the moving company.
    • Date and Time of move.
    • Certificate of Insurance from the moving company.

Checking Out – Luggage

If you have stored any luggage in the trunk room, please submit a trunk room request at least 3 business days prior to your departure:

Checking Out – Mail Forward

Notify the United States Postal Service online at, or visit your local post office 3 to 4 weeks prior to moving for a forwarding address form. Parcels and packages received after your departure will be returned to sender.

Webster provides a full-service Dining Room for Guests to enjoy meals and snacks in addition to microwaves (1st and 2nd floor) and ice bins in the Dining Room and on the Second Floor. Guests can purchase their own refrigerators (please see FAQ). The New York City Fire Department prohibits the use of any cooking equipment, including electric coffee pots and “hot pots,” in your room.

For information on events, notifications, and other happenings at Webster, check the Digital Screens near the elevator on every floor.

  • Notify the Front Desk via phone (dial 0 on room or hallway phone) or at the Front Desk to report Emergencies.
  • To report sickness of self or a fellow guest dial 0 from the nearest in-house phone.
  • Sick Tray Request: If you are feeling sick and would like to order a meal you can do so by submitting a Sick Tray Request.
  • Grab & Go Meals: Visit our website and submit a To-Go Meal Request.
  • If you have confirmed or suspected case of COVID, please email [email protected] and someone will be in touch the next business day.

Please read and comply with the Fire and Safety Regulations posted on your closet and room doors. Candles and incense are prohibited in rooms. The New York City Fire Department prohibits the use of any cooking equipment, including electric coffee pots and “hot pots” in your room.

In compliance with NYC Fire Department Regulation, The Webster Apartments is a Non-Smoking property. Smoking is not permitted within the building, on the rooftop, or in the backyard garden.

Webster offers free wireless internet to all guests. For information regarding our wireless network, please visit our front desk or refer to the pamphlet provided upon check-in.

 There are also pay-by-the-minute internet kiosks and a printer available in the library.

Laundry Room Hours: 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm (7 Days a Week)

Laundry facilities are located on the 4th, 7th, and 11th floors and are open from 6:30 AM – 11 PM daily. The last load of laundry must be in the washing machines by 9 PM. The laundry room doors will be locked at 11 PM, and any laundry left in the machines may not be retrieved until the following day.

Washers and dryers are free of charge.

Ironing is not permitted in guest rooms and must be done only in the laundry rooms.

Webster is a temporary residence. Guests are permitted to stay a maximum of 5 years permitting they remain eligible for residency. To remain a guest at Webster you must continue to be employed in a full-time job, or work at a full-time internship.

Your rent payment to The Webster includes two meals each day.

A third daily meal is available 7 days a week either by swiping your ID a third time or requesting a bagged lunch for an additional cost.

  • Hours: Meal times and menus may be found on our dining page. The dining room will remain open during non-meal times for guests to use at their leisure and enjoy beverages. The dining room will close after the last meal time of the day until the following morning.
  • To-Go Meal Requests: If you are working outside of the building and your schedule prohibits you from enjoying breakfast or dinner during dining hours, you can submit a request to have a “grab & go” meal prepared for you for pick up.  In addition, Webster also offers guests the option of PURCHASING a bagged lunch to bring with you to work.
  • Dress Code: Please dress appropriately in the Dining Room. Slippers, pajamas, and robes are not acceptable.

Webster does not offer discounted weekly rent for individuals who choose not to take advantage of the meals. While the Webster Apartments Dining Services Team strives to provide accurate nutritional information and offer an ingredient list upon request, manufacturers may change their product ingredients without our knowledge and our recipes may be subject to change due to product availability. For various reasons, we are not able to provide individualized menus for special dietary needs and it is ultimately the guest’s responsibility to make dietary choices fitting their needs. Please consult Food Service Managers and Supervisors if we can support you with your decisions or provide further dietary information.

How to Pay Room & Board Invoices

  • US Bank Account Holders:
    • Guests who have a US bank account will be able to remit payments online directly via our secure payment site by following the link provided in their e-bill.
    • Online payments must be made via ACH which will withdrawal the funds directly from a US checking account using the routing and account numbers.
    • A $15 convenience fee for Paypal, credit/debit card payment will be incurred for every two weeks of Room & Board charged AND for any prorated Room & Board invoices over $300.
    • Checks or money orders cannot be accepted online and can only be used at the Cashier’s window or the Front Office.
  • Non-US Bank Account Holders:
    • Guests who do not have a US bank account can remit payments online using a Credit or Debit Card or PayPal via a secure payment site by following the link provided on their invoice.
    • Convenience Fee: Guests who would like to pay a room & board invoice with a credit or debit card or PayPal will be charged a convenience fee of $15 for each invoice. To avoid this fee, guests with a US bank account are strongly encouraged to make payments online via the ACH payment method above.
    • Guests who do not have a US bank account may still qualify to open one. If you are interested in the ACH payment method and want to avoid the convenience fee, please email [email protected] to obtain the information on how to open an US bank account as a non-US resident.
    • Guests can remit payments through Wire Transfers from their International or Domestic bank account with no additional Convenience Fee charged by Webster.  If you are interested in this payment method, please email [email protected] to obtain the information or stop by the Cashier’s window.

The Webster Apartments are not responsible for the loss of money or personal property. See the notice posted in your closet for security suggestions.

Webster adheres to the city of New York’s standard residential “Quiet Hours”. Please be considerate of other guests and keep excessive noise to a minimum between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am.

Any business or commercial use of the rooms, including but not limited to the operation of a business, home occupation, enterprise, organization in or from the rooms or the premises by any Guest is illegal and in violation of applicable law. Further, The Webster Apartments is a nonprofit and tax-exempt organization, and the operation of a business, home occupation, enterprise, organization in or from the rooms or the premises by any Guest could adversely affect The Webster’s tax-exempt status.

Accordingly, any business or commercial use of the rooms, including but not limited to the operation of a business, home occupation, enterprise, organization in or from the rooms or the premises by any Guest is strictly prohibited.  Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of tenancy at and eviction from The Webster Apartments.

Webster will store a maximum of two pieces of luggage for each guest in a trunk room on the guest’s floor. You may submit a Luggage Storage Request here. Luggage will be picked up or delivered within 24 hours.

Daytime Visitors:

  • Guests may have a maximum of FOUR (4) visitors in the building from 8:30 am through 10:00 pm.
  • No visitors will be allowed access to the building without being accompanied by a Webster Guest.
  • Female visitors are permitted anywhere throughout the building. Male visitors are allowed only on the main floor, and in the dining room and Backyard Garden.
  • All visitors must provide a valid government photo ID which will be left at the Security Desk until they depart the Webster premises.
  • When the visitor departs, they will sign out at security and their ID will be returned.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your visitor departs by 10:00 pm. If it is determined that your visitor has not departed, A Webster staff member will try to reach you by calling your room number and then your cell phone. If we are unable to reach you, your account will be charged an overnight fee of $60 and your visitor privileges will be revoked.

Overnight Visitors:

Guests can make a reservation for females over 18 years of age to stay overnight for up to fourteen (14) nights within a one-month period to stay either on a cot in your room for $60 per night or request a separate room for $100 per night (if there is availability). Requests for reservations for a cot in your room may be made online here, while requests for reservations for a separate room may be made with Guest Services ([email protected]) to confirm availability. If a room is available, a link will be sent to reserve and pay for the accommodations.

Reservations and full payment can be made in advance but must be made at least 48 hours in advance. No last-minute reservations will be accepted or processed. Payment is required at the time of making the reservation. Confirmation of payment will need to be shown upon the visitor’s check-in.

Upon arrival, overnight visitors will be required:

  • To provide a valid government photo ID which will be left with security and returned at the end of their visit.
  • Complete and sign a Visitor Agreement which can be located at the Front Office as well.

All overnight visitors must return their Webster Visitor ID to security by 11:00 AM on the date of their scheduled departure. If they do not depart as scheduled, your account will be charged for an additional night ($60 or $100 depending on the type of accommodation).

No refunds will be issued if a reservation is not cancelled with 24 hours advance notice of the scheduled arrival. If you need to cancel an overnight visitor reservation, please email [email protected].

If your overnight visitor would like an extra meal (e.g. lunch or dinner), you must be present to swipe your ID card.